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Come and Experience the Secrets of Relaxation

Travel beyond the senses. A selection of unique ingredients to produce a different and pure cosmetics, which transcends sensory level, offering authenticity, evasion and emotions

Orum Experiences

Travel Beyond Senses

Facial Treatments

We take care of “beauty from the inside.” Essential nutrition, through the skin, applied cell biology, when cosmetics and science come together. Extraordinary results 81% more firm, 77% more smooth, 72% more restructured.

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Manos y Pies - Paniselo - Salon De Belleza

Hands Treatments

The word manicure derives from the Latin word “manos” (hand) and “cure” (cure).
We take care of the hands, the nails, the skin… in short, we take care of our hands and we cure them.

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Viajar Mas Alla De Los Sentidos - Paniselo - Salon De Belleza Valencia

Relaxing massages

Our inspiration and protocols come from the same East, as well as from the most exotic corners of the surprising Asia, we relax with our massages through hands and cosmetics with a mixture of aromas with authenticity.

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“Find your inner harmony and you’ll discover your natural beauty”

Happiness is the best cosmetic for beauty, since true beauty is inside. Find your inner harmony and you will discover your natural beauty.

The Infinity of Beauty and Indulgence

Experience the Secrets of Relaxation

Beauty Party

Choose a minimum of 4 treatments in the most exclusive and avant-garde environment of the moment, while we serve you an exquisite cocktail.


My Mom and I

Nowadays busy moms have almost no time to take care of them, to get a manicure without hurrying, to have a quiet snack with their daughters or to feel complicit sharing a common experience.


Couples In Love

Travel Beyond Senses