Hands Treatments

Mon-Fri 10:00-20:00 Sat 10:00-19:00

Essential Manicure

Know +

Your pretty hands in a moment with the right color and visible to any look. Hands Treatment

Time: 15 minutes
Price: 10,00 €


Spice Route Manicure

Konw +

Seductive hands, delicately exfoliated and hydrated and carefully made up. Hands Treatment.

Time: 25 minutes
Price: 25,00 €


Manicure Man

Know +

We take care of the hands of the man so that they express a manly but sensitive care.

Time: 20 minutes
Price: 20,00 €


Bali Manicure

Know +

Seductive Balinese manicure made with Lulúr al Loto and Flor de Frangipanier, perfumed with natural essences.

Time: 35 minutes
Price: 35,00 €


Valencia Orum Beauty Salon Hands Treatment Includes Essential Manicure, Balí Manicure, Spice Route Manicure and Manicure Man